Friday, March 1, 2019

Tips To Become A PC Technician

Are you planning to pursue a PC Technician career? If yes, then it is important you choose the right PC Training in NYC to acquire the skills you are required to become a successful PC Technician.
In order to become a PC Technician, it is important that you know a little more about what the PC Technician career requires. There is a continuous demand for experts in this field. 


A PC Technician, Desktop Support, Support Technician are all job roles that completes the requirements for these skilled workers. The roles and responsibilities may differ depending on the requirements of the specific organization.
Below mentioned are the skills you need to become a PC Technician.
  • Installing PC Hardware
  • Installing PC Software
  • Computer Repair
  • Maintaining the equipment
  • Providing desktop support
  • Troubleshooting a vast range of computer issues
  • Configuring computer networks

Mentioned below are Tips to Become a PC Technician
  • Practice PC Repair: Being a PC Technician, a large part of your job will include repairing the computer. This is an important part of your job and will need that you are able to repair PC hardware and other machines like scanner and printer. By doing this, you can gain a lot of experience.
  • Build a Computer: Although building a computer may not necessarily be your job, but this is a great learning tool for folks who learn through practical application. You will learn about different parts of the computer and this will provide you with knowledge. To become a PC Technician, you will need to have complete details about computers.
  • Volunteer in Desktop Support: One of the easiest ways to become a PC Technician is to do volunteer work. Make sure you work at a school, business companies or at places where someone is in need of computer repair. Before leaving the place, request people that they give you a volunteer certificate. This will help you in applying you for a job.
  • Create a Search Friendly CV: Once you have a relevant certificate and enough experience, make sure you have a good cv. The CV will be noticed by the recruiters who are hiring. Make sure you mention all the information in your CV. Do not clutter your CV with unnecessary information. Mention about the experience you have gained.
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