Friday, December 7, 2018

Top Responsibilities Of An EKG Technician

In recent times, a career as an EKG technician has become one of the popular career choices by youngsters. If you’re also considering to pursue a career in this field, you must know the major and minor facts. As an EKG tech, you’ll operate the electrocardiogram machine to perform cardiovascular health test of a patient. Depending on the role, an EKG technician has different names such as CG technician, cardiac technician, and cardiopulmonary technician. By joining EKG certification in Manhattan, you can master the art of operating electrocardiogram machine and required skills.


Before you dive in EKG technician career, it’s crucial to know the top duties of an EKG technician.
  • Patients Monitoring - The EKG technician monitors the electrical activity of a patient’s heart who come for the EKG test. While patient undergoes few tests such as treadmill test and EKG testing, an EKG technologist monitors the patient’s heart rhythm. For this reason, a technician place the electrodes on the patient’s chest. However, proper placement of electrode is necessary for correct reading.
  • Operating Machines - When it comes to the EKG test, it generally involves various kinds of machines and switches. To get the accurate result, technician must know how to operate these machines and switches. For instance, on a treadmill, they must know how to adjust its speed, and on EKG monitor they must place the electrodes correctly.
  • Monitors Patient - At the time of an emergency, the technician shouldn’t panic rather he or she must be alert enough to monitor the patient during such circumstances. Monitoring patient is necessary to take safety measures.
  • Updating Records And Documents - Before performing any test, an EKG technician needs to record the patient’s previous medical history, current medications, and other information. They are also responsible to make the patient comfortable, especially those who are scared of injections, blood and other things.
  • Other Tasks - Besides all this, an EKG technician needs to be specialized in other tasks as well. This includes stress testing, vector cardiograph, and monitoring machines. These are some of the additional tasks an EKG has to undertake while performing cardiac tests.
With the advent of new technology, the role of an EKG technician has become more challenging. In order to overcome all these barriers, a technician needs to be skilled and abreast of the latest developments. Does this career sounds right for you? To join EKG certification training in Manhattan, contact Ace Institute Of Technology.

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