Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Brief Glimpse Of The MCTS Certification

MCTS is also known as Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. This credential validates the ability of an individual in implementing successfully, troubleshooting, building on, as well as debugging of a Microsoft technology which includes Windows OS, Microsoft exchange server, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows operating system, and Microsoft visual studio. 

MCTS certification also validates the skills on functionality and features of key technologies. One can get MCTS certification anywhere in the world since these certificates are well respected by almost all companies looking for Microsoft technology professionals.

Skills required for MCTS certification- By getting a certification, you get a reputable status but it needs a few skills that you must have before enrolling in a program. Some of these skills are-
  • Computer network knowledge
  • Designing as well as managing the desktop applications
  • Executing password resets and others alike
  • Solving log on related problems
If anybody has such expertises then he/she can easily get hold of the certification, which quickly takes them towards a bright and successful future. MCTS certified experts become master of a particular field and can take any technological challenge to deal with.

Topics covered in the certification-
  • Installing, Migrating and Configuring Windows Server Operating System
  • Installing & Migrating to Windows Server
  • Managing and Joining Users to the Windows Server Domain
  • Maintaining & Managing Windows Server
  • Maintaining Systems and Services Availability
  • Managing and Configuring Remote Access
  • Managing Messaging and Collaboration
Job roles after getting MCTS certification- Information technology world is one of the industries that give a lot of job opportunities. There are many MCTS certifications one can choose according to their interest. These certifications mainly focus on a particular skill or technology. After achieving these certifications, you may work as an expert, such as-
  • Web and Windows Development
  • Database Administration and Development
  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Application Development
  • Technical support
  • Mobile Applications Development
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