Monday, July 27, 2015

In-depth Analysis of the Profile of Medical Assistant and its Career Prospects

In the recent years, the medical field has changed for good, forever! While the advancement in the technology has been cited as the main factor behind this evolution, few medical profiles also deserve equal accreditation for bringing out this development. The profile of medical assistant (MA) has been widely cited as one such medical profile that play an imperative role in the overall functioning of a medical facility.

MAs not only handle clinical work, but also take care of the office work. Along with assisting physicians in handling different clinical tasks like checking patient's history, preparing them for regular checkups and many more, they take care of various administrative tasks as well.
Let us take a quick look at what they exactly do-
  • Administrative work-Other than this, you will be doing administrative work such as booking appointments, as well as handling billing and accounts section.
  • Laboratory work-Apart from office work, medical assistant will be required to work in the laboratory. Laboratory work includes carrying out simple tests, and prescribing nutrition diet plans to the patients.
  • Clinical work-in addition to lab and administrative work, medical assistant will be required to carry out some clinical task like checking vital signs of patient, pulse rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, body temperatures, height and weight and will also prepare patients for x-ray in the examination room.
They will also help physicians in sterilizing the medical equipment and disposing of the contaminated utensils.
In order to become a successful medical assistant, prior training is required. It is also very important to choose the best and reputed training center that is dedicated to provide best training to the students. If one gets training from the training center that is reputed and certified, then it would become easy for the students to grow their career prospects in medical field.
However, it is not necessary to obtain certification in order to work in this field. Apparently, certification improves your career prospects and it helps a lot to those who want to exceed others in terms of salary and competition. In order to obtain certification, the applicant will be required to go through certification exams under (AAMA) that is American Association of Medical Office Assistant.
As soon as you qualify the exam, you will become CMA (certified medical assistant). Becoming certified will open new doors for you. In addition, there will be higher chances for you to get higher pay scale.
Yes, working as a medical assistant surely involves challenges, but the rewards are definitely the best. Those who are planning to get medical assistant training nyc must find a reputed school nearby.

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