Thursday, July 24, 2014

Want To Serve Humanity? Look For A Career In Medical Technology!

With all the technological advancements, there is very less left that medical science has no answer for. This has deepened the roots of medical field, which makes it a wonderful career options (as it has always been).

While the first medical profile that comes to mind would be of a doctor, but actually there are many other high paying career options too. Candidates interested in pursuing this field should opt for medical technology courses in New York for an assured career ahead:

  • Medical assistant: This course makes candidates perform both administrative and clinical duties.

  • The administrative part comprise of front office duties like answering calls, greeting patients, filing and updating patient medical records, scheduling appointments, handling billing and bookkeeping.

    The clinical part includes recording medical histories, explaining procedures to patients, preparing them for examination, assisting physicians, collecting specimens and sending them for testing, perform basic laboratory tests, instructing patients about special diets, administering medications, removing sutures, changing dressings and feeding patients etc.

  • EKG technician: In this part of training program, candidates are made to learn about electrocardiogram, which helps detect heart abnormalities, if any by the EKG machine. Candidate during the training is made aware with the use of equipment and other necessary process that is to be carried out while conducting the test.

  • Nurse assistant: Direct patient care is taught to students during this course. They are made to learn how to take care of daily needs of patients like dress, undress, serving meals and bathe; conducting vital signs of patients like blood pressure and temperature.

  • Medical biller: Billing of the treatment needs to be done correctly, so that owners of hospitals and clinics can stay in the business for a long time. This is where billers play an essential role. Candidates interested in billing profile is made to learn coding, submitting of claims, handling payments, bills & records and answering billing questions of patients.

  • Pharmacy technician: Students enrolled for training in this course are given knowledge about medications, drug filling, labeling containers etc. They are also said to keep records of payments and medications coming in the store.

If you wish to serve population that is suffering from medical issues, then rather than taking up medical courses of doctors and nurses that take time for completion, go for courses that can be completed with a month or so.

Numerous training centers are there in cities like New York and elsewhere, from where one can obtain quality training and start earning well.

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