Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What Medical Assistant Are Trained For Administrative Skills During Training?

Numerous duties are to be carried out by medical assistant. Their duties comprise of having link with patients and medical professionals, maintaining of medical records, answering and making telephone calls etc.

Training imparts quality learning to candidates interested in becoming medical aide.

Besides all technicalities, few of the techniques, which are taught to candidate for making a telephone call comprise of-

During medical assistant training in NY, candidate is first taught on how to introduce themselves. This has to be the foremost thing while making or taking a call. A good gesture indicates professionalism of health care center and leaves good impression on the patient.

After greeting, one must explain the purpose of their call. Intention must be clearly explained and it should sound professional.

While talking one needs to keep their pitch low and use normal voice, so that person on the other end feels comfortable while talking to the assistant.

Assistant must never shout. This creates negative impression on the receiver.

Candidate is taught to convey the message in more precise way but clearly. Mentor tells the assistant to avoid long and eloquent sentences and words, which makes difficult for the receiver to understand, especially if he or she is not educated.

One must never miss out to answer questions of patient because if he or she is not clear with the medical treatment then he would be in a doubt, whether he should come to the respective health center or not.

Eating and drinking while making telephone calls is said to be bad habit, especially for a medical professional. There is change of voice and words which sounds unclear.

There are times when one might need to write something while being on call, therefore, candidate needs to be prepared with pen and paper, before making or receiving calls.

Sometimes, candidate might have to face angry patients, who have certain complaints with the treatment. Medical aide needs to hear the problem of patient with courtesy and respect and without showing any signs of irritation in voice. Therefore, during training one is taught how to deal with such patients.

Health aide needs to keep track of his telephone calls and messages. If a patient has conveyed any message to any of the health professional, then aide should not forget to convey or respond to those messages.

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