Friday, May 9, 2014

What are the KRAs of a medical assistant?

Numerous job tasks are handled by each health care practitioner. Where doctor has to carry out treatment of the patients, nurse has to support doctors and take care of patients when doctors are not around and likewise medical aide are ones who has to perform clinical and office administration tasks and coordinate with other medical care professionals.

Though to become a medical professional, one needs to pursue medical degree and training. If one interesting in being a medical professional, but do not want to go for long degree programs, then one can opt for medical assistant training program in NY. Yet, a low position from that of doctor, but a good profile to choose in medical field. Therefore, one can pursue training in it, if interested to be a medical professional.

Variety of tasks is to be undertaken by medical assistant. Mentioned below are few essential duties taken over by medical aide:

The prime job of aide is to interact with patients; this is where they need to be communicative enough so that they can understand the problem of patient and make them understand as well. Before taking patient to examination room, aide needs to make them comfortable by talking to them politely.

Once examination is done, records are to be maintained, which is job task of an aide. If any past records, that too needs to be kept recorded because at time of examining patient by the doctor, medical histories are required for proper medical treatment.

As the prime job of aide is to conduct tests and diagnosis of patient, therefore, it is important to maintain examination room. All things need to be on their right place so that at time of need assistant can easily find the required medical equipment’s, instrument stand trays, manual exam tables, massive laboratory accessories like pumps, meters, racks, microscopes, refrigeration, analyzers, waste receptacles, x-ray equipment, exam room lamps etc.

Sterilization of medical equipment is very important. Therefore, all gears need to be kept clean, which is also the job task of an aide.

Besides all the above mentioned duties, other additional duties to be performed by aide are changing dressings, drawing blood, administering medications, delivering injections, removing sutures etc.

From the mentioned duties, you must have got clear idea about the duties required to be a professional medical assistant. Therefore, choose an institute, which is accredited and certified in providing education.

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