Thursday, January 9, 2014

What Careers Can You Opt For In The Medical Field?

Courses can help you progress in your career. If you are interested to work in medical industry then you have wide options to choose from.

Different types of medical technology courses in New York are available that help boon candidates career. Following are the types of career fields in which one can pursue training and be one of them:

  • Medical assistant: Employment of medical assistants is growing day by day because of the increase in population which is getting prone to diseases. Unlike to other health professionals like nurses and doctors, they too play a major role in health facilities. They are the ones who perform both routine administrative and clinical duties which comprise of scheduling appointments, talking to patients, managing their reports, taking their vital signs etc.

  • Medical office assistant: A medical expert who entirely handles medical administrative skills such as patient reception, producing reports, answering telephones, scheduling appointments, checking insurance eligibility, and collecting payments are ones known as medical office assistants. They help in smooth running of health facility center which allows doctors and nurses to take care of patients well.

  • EKG technician: A candidate who carries out the EKG reading of a heart patient via the help of EKG machine, he or she is the one known as EKG technician. They not only have to operate EKG machine but also have to prepare patient, take them to the lab, read reports, recognize the abnormalities and let the patient know the problem.

  • Medical billing & coding: The one who prepares bills in the health facility center is known as medical biller. They are health professionals who pursue medical billing and coding training in which they learn all the duties of biller and codes that are essential for preparing bills.

  • Pharmacy technician: Pharmacist is one who carries out the following tasks like prescription labels, maintaining stock, counting dosages, filling and labeling containers, preparing records, providing filled prescriptions to patient and recording payments.

  • Phlebotomy technician: Carry out patient’s blood tests, preparing and centrifuging of samples, and other human specimens these are the task of phlebotomy technician. To carry out the task with safety measures, candidate needs to pursue training for the same.

  • Medical office practice: A candidate working in medical office practice area needs to be good in many fields like front office, clinical testing, examination testing, and in measuring vital signs etc.

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