Thursday, January 23, 2014

Are You A Phlebotomist? Do You Take Care Of These?

If you are interested in being a phlebotomist, you must be aware of its duties. But are you aware of the precautions that you need to take care while performing the duties like drawing blood from patient, colleting blood specimen and various other vital signs of patient. If no, then read the document further, which will make you aware about the precautions aspect.

However, if you go through proper phlebotomy technician certification in NYC, you will be made thorough with the duties and all other essential things, which will make you an expert phlebotomist.

Following mentioned below are few precautions which phlebotomist needs to take care of while performing his or her duties are:

Sterilization of equipment: The foremost aspect that phlebotomist needs to take care of is safety measure, while performing duties. From the word safety, I mean, washing of hands properly before touching patient, using of new syringes & needles and sterilizing of equipment. Proper hygienic level should be maintained. This help ensures patient that they will not be at a risk of getting some additionally health problem. For example, if used needles are used for drawing blood then patient is at a risk of HIV.

Duties performed safely: Be it any task, phlebotomist needs to carry out the duties with utmost safety. Any mistake if caused can lead to a problem for the patient, as well as for job of phlebotomist. For example, if health care professional of phlebotomy has not safely pricked the arm of patient to draw blood then it might cause issues to his or her health. Additionally, this will bring bad name to hospital or clinic and health care professional might lose his or her job.

Patients should not be forced: If patient is nervous of drawing blood, then health care expert should not force him or her for that matter, rather the expert should make the patient calm and then take him or her for the procedure.

Tasks should be performed accurately: While conducting tests, no mistake should be made from the side of health professional. This is because if tests are not accurately done then patient can cause health issues. For example, if blood tests of two patient gets mixed up then medications provided to the respective patient would also be wrong which will surely cause health problem for them.

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