Monday, December 9, 2013

What Factors Make The Profile Of Medical Assistant Better Than Nurses?

A very common hypothetical belief of most of the people about doctors and nurses is that they are on holding a good position and no other medical professional is as good as them.

However, the increasing number of patients, with each passing day has proved this belief wrong. Now besides doctors and nurses, other medical professionals are also equally in demand.

Medical assistant career is a growing field in today’s time. For the smooth functioning in medical office, there is an essential need of medical aides who could handle administrative and clinical task.

Now coming back to the question that how medical aide are different from nurses, here are few factors supporting the context:

Education: Training time period of medical assistants is less as compared to nurses training time period. But the quality of education imparted to aide students is equally rather more advanced than nurses. Proper classroom and hands on training is provided to students.

Extensive duties: Where nurses have to just take care of patients only, medical assistant has to take care of two tasks administrative and clinical. The duties comprise of billing, scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, insurance paper work, taking vital signs of patients and patient care.

Work schedule: Although work schedule of both aides and nurses is tough, but medical assistants have to take care of more activities because they have both administrative and clinical duties to take care off.

Salary: As the task of assistants is more, therefore, the salary of medical aide candidate is also more. Depending on experience, skill level and training there salary level is also vary from nurses.

Other industry opportunity: Medical assistant gets additional opportunity to work in other industries besides medical health field, such as insurance agencies, government organization, tax and pay roll agencies etc.

After having a look at the aforementioned points, you must have got an idea about the profile of medical aide and nurses. Now if your doubts are clear and you are interested to go for medical assistant training in NYC choose the best training institute that is good in imparting quality education.

While choosing an institute keeps few things in mind that, the institute should provide: formal training, hands-on experience, professional certification, affordable institution, licensed & qualified instructors, guaranteed internship and availability of job placement.

As you will find many medical assistant training institutes in NYC make sure to choose that institute which is known for delivering quality education.

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