Thursday, September 26, 2013

What you need to know about schools offering F-1 visa in New York?

Going out from your country, no matter, what your purpose is, it is necessary for the individual to take permission in form of visa to get an entry into a foreign country.

The visa issued determines for how long the visitor has permission to stay in the country and the employment opportunities he or she can take up and any restrictions on working or living in certain areas of country.

For example, study visa for United States of America has different rules and conditions regulating number of students coming to America for educational purposes.

Students considering higher studies in America need to qualify specific criteria and conditions associated with F-1 visa. There are many universities and schools offering F-1 visa in New York but, the terms and conditions for applying this visa vary from one educational institutional to other. Candidates are advised to go through all the policies thoroughly in order to avoid delays and confusion.

Before applying for this visa, you should know various factors associated with it.

1. Qualification
Before proceeding further with this visa procedure, it is a must for you select an accredited college in United States of America. Read the rules mentioned by the institution you have selected so that you can proceed in the right direction.
Furthermore, you need to pass an English examination that is usually conducted to check your proficiency in this language.
In addition to this, your academic qualification will be taken into consideration. You should have a verifiable foreign address and must have adequate funds to show.

2. Visa application process
The visa application is processed by U.S. embassy or consulate in the country in which you are living. The education institution you have selected in America will issue a letter that will indicate that you are an accepted student.
The next step is to gather all the documents at one place, and scheduling your visa interview. The officer in the embassy will verify your all details and will accept fees associated with this visa.
Besides this, do not forget to carry additional photographs and proof of the funds you have in your account.

3. Extensions
According to this visa, one needs to return to the native country on completing the educational course. However, the visa can be extended in the case, if you have any job offer from an organization in United States of America.
Apart from this, there are some important considerations associated with this visa that you should know. First of all, you cannot enter in United States of America 30 days prior to the starting date of your classes. Secondly, if you have not attended classes for five months, you visa will become invalid.
So, enhance your knowledge about this study visa so as to minimize chances of visa rejection and delays.

Schools offering F-1 visa in New York are many. So, you can easily select the institution according to the course that you have planned to take up in America.

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