Sunday, July 21, 2013

Read this if you want to secure your student visa easily!

Education is the gateway to a bright future and a fulfilling life, which is why students travel great distances to peruse the education of their choice and build a career in the field, in which they think they are suited best.
If you want to study in the US, you already know the importance of a student visa, and the complications that are associated with acquiring one.
The first and the most important step in getting accepted by an educational institution based in the US. But be sure, to do your research before making a decision on which institution you get your overseas education from.
For this, keep the following things in mind:

1. The institute should be well established- Find an institute that has a good history of imparting quality education to its pupils. Trust factor is essential while travelling abroad, especially for an education. If you are being dealt with, by an experienced faculty, you will have the peace of mind that you and your career are in safe hands.
2. The institute should have a special prowess for dealing with foreign students- The needs of foreign students are different from the local ones. No doubt, their main motive is getting education, but apart from that, they also need to adjust to a foreign culture, and their ways. For this it’s important that they meet the kind of faculty and students that help them expel their inhibitions, and assist them in adjusting to the new land. To make sure you get your student visa without many problems, you must find an institute that is among the SEVIS certified schools for student visa.
3. Prefer to enroll in a medical or technological institution: To get the best out of your degree or diploma, it’s advisable to know where the future lies, IT companies, and medical institution are the ones that are constantly in need in new professionals, and guarantees you a promising future and career.
4. Find institutes that will help you get a job and a permanent residency: Face it! The main reason why you want to go to the US to study is so you can get a job and eventually a PR (Permanent Residency). The pre-requisite to fulfill these needs is good education from a reputed institute. Once, you have attained that, the institute should help you get placed into a good company and help you along in building your job profile. Once, you have fulfilled the above mentioned criteria, a PR will not be far from your reach.
After getting an acceptance letter from an American educational institute that complies with these needs, you will have to do the remaining formalities as per the American Embassy in your respective Country, Once done; you will get your student visa and get one step closer to fulfilling your dream.
Get accepted in an institute among the SEVIS Certified Schools for Student visa to get good and reliable education in America.

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